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Fun in the Kitchen

Not all fun is provided for us.  Sometimes it's just a day of board games, patio chalk art, or cleaning house.
 What- who said that?!  Sorry, I forget my idea of fun is a demented form of torture for most. 
For mother's day, I was in a funny mood and really didn't want to leave the house to spread that joy.  But darn if mother's day doesn't inpire you to be a better mother.  Maybe it's because chocolate and flowers really are a good bribe, but whatever the reason, when Stephen wanted to do something different with me, I couldn't refuse. 
Like so many children, Stephen is thrilled with the idea of making his own food.  There is a rumor around our house- admittedly, one that he started- that he makes the best omelets in the free world.  I don't put a stop to this rumor, because one, his omelets really are good, and two, anything that encourages him to wean himself from the maid services that I provide is A-okay with me.
Now when Stephen cooks, he likes to 'invent' his own foods.  That often means using the standard recipe then adding half a tin of pepper.  Or, he might insist that pancakes should be beat flat by the spatula until they are submissive to future abuses with toppings.   
So when he said he wanted to invent his own potato chip, I figured we'd be slicing potatoes and frying them five minutes past crisp.  Stephen really let his creativity roam free on this one.  His list of needed ingredients were:
Potatoes (good)
Oil (good)
Chocolate (what?!)
Spatula (of course, to smash them flat until they too are submissive)
He doesn't want this secret recipe getting out, so please understand that some of the instructions have been redacted.



Can you believe he actually ate these?  I do have to admit I tried one as well, and they weren't as bad as I feared.  In fact, I almost enjoyed the experience.  His instructions to let them cool was one I disagree with, though.  The one we shared after they had time to harden in the fridge was far less flavorful. 
So what did he learn from this? 
How to know when oil is hot by letting a drop of water hit it (and on the side he learned to respect the oil- he was bit just a little. Sick as it sounds, I'm glad.  Better that he learn with me then when he has the opportunity to freak out and burn his house down all by his self.)
That being inventive can be fun, but not always eatable!

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