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Instruction manual for a Percy Jackson party

I'm calling Malarky

Sometimes, as the weather turns chilly and my drive to do anything turns ‘off’,I wonder why I have to come up with activities for my child.  He's the one who is bored, why am I the one going crazy for a solution? It often ends up as disappointing as suggesting ideas for dinner.
Lasagna, anyone?  -EWW!
Straw Hat Casserole?  -Gross Mom.
Aside from pizza, any suggestion I come up with is a failure.

On days like these I am happy to turn the reins over to those who have mastered the word "bored": the board game industry.  
Ever play the board game Malarky?In Malarky, “you don't need to know the answers, you just need to make people think you do.” It’s a great game that teaches the skill of quick thinking (or lying, call it whatever you want).But it’s the kind of thinking our sweet, innocent kids will need in their future lives. Like when filling out a resume. Or when asked if they think their partner is getting fat. Or each and every year when they get caught by their kid trying t…