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The Harbor View Concert

The Tribune newspaper hosts the Harbor View concerts and offers door prizes to those who sign up.  This past Friday it was  a mommy and me kit- sweet! And my books were amongst the sweet things locals could win while enjoying a free night of music and community gathering.
I am excited to say that the event went wonderfully, even though the weather was chilly. The woman in charge of the door prize just contacted me to say that my books were a huge hit. She said so many people stopped at the table to look at the items that would be awarded that night and they picked up my books, read them, and commented that they loved, loved, loved them and didn't realize we had such beautiful books made here in Houston.
Okay, that DOES sound a bit too amazing, and she may have laid it on a teensy bit thick for my benefit, but oh, what a nice thing to hear so early on a Monday morning!

Please visit our children's book website: HoustonChildrensBooks

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