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When we want to read...or not read... to our kids

Sometimes we want to cuddle up with our kids and hold the book, admiring the images, and really, we just love to feel the paper under our fingertips as we turn each page.

But other times we feel too tired to get into character and our heart's greatest desire is to snuggle up with the little ones and enjoy the story along side them.

Whichever kind of day you've been having, Super Piggy is now able to be part of that memory.
 Along with the eBook, paperback and hardcover, the audio-book of Super Piggy has been released on Amazon, Audible and iTunes.

Grab a copy and get your story on!
(not sure what Super Piggy audio-book would sound like?  Try out the sample...)

Raccons are so nimble fingered!

I was studying the nimbleness of raccoons for the next Super Piggy book, when I found the cutest video on raccoons! By the way, an opening line that I am sadly not going to be able to open with, reads like this:

It was the raccoons who started it this time.Not by digging holes into the attics the way everyone originally thought they'd do, but by conducting a kind of neighborhood watch.You know, the kind where they watch to see when you leave so they can empty out your place.

Anyway, I came across this video, and it's just too adorable.  Enjoy!

Teachers Pay Teachers

Good point, right? If you have to invent all of your own material, you'll end up sacrificing one of the more important tools of being able to reach a child: time and patience.  That's why Teachers Pay Teachers is such an incredible find!  It's not about teachers earning a little extra for the work they put into inventing their particular wheel (although a teacher deserves a this padding to make up for the Economic inequality).  It's really about reaching your students  using tools they can relate to.  They love the new Dark City books? Chances are, another teacher had that same brilliant idea and already developed the lesson plan.  for a few bucks you can buy it and use it over and over again.  And bam! you're a child's teaching hero! 

I have known about this site for a year now, and my first great find was an escape room package for $12.  Seriously!  If you're a teacher, whether it's in a public setting or in a homeschool group, this site will become i…

Animals are SO smart

I have no idea why, but I am still surprised when I see proof that animals have a sense of adventure that is remarkably similar to ours.  Watch this cute video and let your heart melt with happiness. See you next week!