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Still ignoring you...

I am still editing Super Piggy and just finished the draft for Sir Piggy.  In November I intend to write the draft for The GodPiggy (I need a new title spoofing on Godfather). So, if that's any kind of explanation, that is why I am still ignoring my blog.  Stephen and I have still been secretly having fun, we simply haven't shared any pictures.  But today, while working on the manuscript for Authonomy, I wanted to have some of the Super Piggy images online.  So why not post them here? 

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This is a blog about things to do for bored kids, and I know it's not fair for me to say, "Hey, go find an author and drag him home!"  That could cause a bit of embarrassing paperwork down at the station.  So I won't.

What I will do instead is simply brag that I did.  And there was no paperwork following the incident. 
Meet Tom Watson.  He is the author of Stick Dog, and is awaiting the October release date for his followup book, Stick Dog Wants a Hot Dog.  While patiently waiting, he has been touring around, interacting with the kids and signing copies of his books, and, as it shows it the picture above, he also signed any artwork the kids bought him.

He was definitely not stingy with his autograph (which is a work of art on it's own!), and I worried he'd have no strength left in his wrist for my own copy of his book!   Let me dispel any tension this may be causing you- he was still in top form and signed through three grades worth of books and p…

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